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~Welcome to my blog!!!~
I am a stay-at-home mom to three kiddos- two girls who are 10 and 7, and our first little boy who will be 5 in October.
It can get a little chaotic around here with all the activity of three kids... but I wouldn't trade any of it for the world!

Well, at least most days I wouldn't... ;)


Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm still here...

Sorry for the lag in posting... again!

Things are going well in my little corner of the web. I ended up getting to have another peek at our little butterball this past Monday at my doctor appt. I had a bit of a stressful weekend where I just felt like things were not ok. Not sure how to explain it... I just didn't feel right. So, to give me some peace of mind, they did a quickie ultrasound so I could see the heartbeat once again! And there it was, strong and steady...

In other pregnancy news, nausea has arrived. Almost all day constant nausea. Not so severe that I'm running to the bathroom every half hour but enough that all I feel like doing is lying on the couch. Which I've been doing as much as possible. It's a little hard with a 2 year old and a 5 year old to keep me busy... so Barney has definitely come in handy!

My next appt is not for another four weeks. By then, we'll be able to hear the heartbeat on the doppler! I think I am going to go ahead and rent one of the dopplers you can get online in a couple weeks though. Four weeks is a long time to wait... especially when I should be able to hear it in about 2!

Ok, I know this is short and I've been sucky at updating! But my pillow is calling my name very loudly so I'm heading off to read for a bit before turning in! I'll post again soon...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Word to the Wise...

Never send a newly pregnant woman who hasn't had chocolate since the beginning of March to the store when Keebler cookies are 40% off and Oreos are 3/$5... especially at night when the munchies are in full attack mode.

I just got back from the store. Loaded up on so much chocolate and cookies, it's pathetic (in my defense, SOME of it is for the Easter baskets). PLUS... I bought a bag of dill pickle potato chips. And opened them for the ride home.


Friday, April 07, 2006

A First Glimpse

So, I went in for my first ultrasound today. AND there was a gestational sac, a yolk sac, a teeny tiny baby, AND A HEARTBEAT!!!!!!!!!

Turns out I ovulated even later than I'd thought! According to my last menstrual period, I'd be 7 weeks today. The little tiny bean measured just 6 weeks 2 days! Which means it was around day 19 when "it" happened. The heartbeat was 138 bpm.... which is very good for this early! The ultrasound tech had to zoom in so we could get a clearer view. I have a picture but it's downstairs in my purse... I'll try to scan it later. Not much to see though! LOL

But I'm just thrilled there was ANYTHING to see!

Still feeling well. I jokingly say if it wasn't for the fact that I've had several positive pregnancy tests, I wouldn't even know I was pregnant! Although, the past couple days I have been feeling very very slightly nauseated. Hopefully, it won't get any worse! I lucked out with very little morning sickness with both of the girls.

I go in next Friday for an appointment with the doc! I think after that, we might just be ready to share the news with our families. They are going to freak!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Thumbs Up for the New Doc!

Ok, I just have to start off by saying I realllllly like the new doc I am going to be seeing for this pregnancy! He is friendly and easygoing and made me feel comfortable right away. He spent a few minutes going over my history and just chatting before we got down to business.

He ended up doing an exam (and a pap since I was due for one)... then he told me I could come in next week and get an early ultrasound! WOO!! SO next Friday, I have an appt for that. I'll be 6 1/2 - 7 weeks along so we should be able to see the heartbeat! Cross your fingers for me! Then he wants to see me again in two weeks to go over some blood test results he had me do today. The fertility specialist I saw with Cass (my two year old) had me doing Heparin shots which my regular ob then told me he didn't want me doing! So Dr. Huey (new doc) just wants to retest and see what conclusion he comes to. Cross your fingers (again!) that he doesn't decide I have to do heparin (two shots in the belly EVERY day!)!

After the appt, I went upstairs and had a gazillion tubes of blood taken. Luckily, the nurse was good and got a vein on the first stick! I don't even have a bruise!

Before I left, the doctor's office gave me a bag full of crap (baby magazines, a diaper bag, etc, etc, etc) that is still sitting out in the car. I'm not quite ready to explain to my (almost) five year old why I have a new diaper bag! Not sure when we're planning to tell her about the impending arrival... I'm *thinking* once we've had the ultrasound.

All I know is that once I tell Jenna, I better be ready to spread the news... because there's no doubt she'll do it for me!