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~Welcome to my blog!!!~
I am a stay-at-home mom to three kiddos- two girls who are 10 and 7, and our first little boy who will be 5 in October.
It can get a little chaotic around here with all the activity of three kids... but I wouldn't trade any of it for the world!

Well, at least most days I wouldn't... ;)


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Big (Little) News in Our House

I totally suck at keeping this blog updated. I have good intentions... but life seems to get in the way more often than not.

Anyways... on to the big (little) news I wanted to share...

Someone in our house decided to make an early appearance!

Nicholas Andrew
3 lbs 10 3/4 oz, 17 inches long
Born on Oct 11, 2006... just shy of 34 weeks

(This picture was taken when he was about 12 hours old...)

I ended up developing SEVERE preeclampsia/toxemia and the decision was made to deliver him early so that I could get better. So at 33 weeks and 5 days, Nicholas was delivered by csection (doc said an induction would take too long). Thanks to two shots of steroids, he came out breathing on his own and has been doing wonderfully ever since.

This past Thursday, at just over two weeks of age, we were able to bring him HOME from the nicu. I was a bit nervous since he's such a tiny little guy but so far, things have been going well! He's eating like a champ, sleeping a lot, and generally just charming the socks of his momma and daddy and big sisters. He had his first doctor's appt today and our little man is up to 5 lbs 2 oz... a 1 1/2 pound weight gain since birth!

I'll try to log on soon and post a few more pictures of his cute little face... Right now, I'm going to go snuggle with him. Ahhhhh... you gotta love that new baby smell.