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~Welcome to my blog!!!~
I am a stay-at-home mom to three kiddos- two girls who are 10 and 7, and our first little boy who will be 5 in October.
It can get a little chaotic around here with all the activity of three kids... but I wouldn't trade any of it for the world!

Well, at least most days I wouldn't... ;)


Friday, August 25, 2006

And she's off!

Today was my sweetie's first day of kindergarten!!! happy.gif sad.gif

I tell ya... she looked so darn cute! I was a little afraid that she might be afraid to get on the bus so I gave her the little talk about as soon as the bus pulled up, she needed to get on so the bus driver could finish picking up the other kids.

We're out on the driveway and I'm videotaping her and talking to her and all of a sudden, five minutes early, the bus pulls up!! And she climbed right on! Didn't even look back to wave goodbye so I could get a picture! LOL But I did manage to get one of the bus... and I think I videotaped her climbing on... can't remember now!

Anyways, I said a few things to the bus driver and asked a few questions and they were off. With MY baby!!!! The first person I called when I came back in, with tears in my eyes, was MY momma!

Here are a couple pictures from this morning...

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And a link to a few more...

(Sorry I've been missing in action (again!) lately!)