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~Welcome to my blog!!!~
I am a stay-at-home mom to three kiddos- two girls who are 10 and 7, and our first little boy who will be 5 in October.
It can get a little chaotic around here with all the activity of three kids... but I wouldn't trade any of it for the world!

Well, at least most days I wouldn't... ;)


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Full House

So, we woke up this morning to about 5 inches of (unexpected!) snow. I got Jenna up before I realized it so I hadn't even checked to see if school was cancelled. The two hour delay we saw when we first turned on the TV soon turned to closed. When Jenna's closed, Cass' preschool is closed too.

Then... Hubby decides to take the day off because he's at a slow time at work.

Then... my Pilates class was cancelled.

Yep, full house around here today. I do need to sneak out to go pick up Jenna's Girl Scout Cookies that she sold. And I might go to the store since we're almost out of milk.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I totally blew my diet today.

BUT, in my defense, today is the last day I can have chocolate or pop until Easter.

Did I mention I have half a bag of cherry cordial chocolate kisses downstairs!??!?! AND that I'm not *supposed* to eat after 7:30.


Friday, February 01, 2008

Still Plugging Along

I'm about halfway through my 7 week Pilates class. I'm slowly starting to get a little flexibility back but I still can't manage to keep up through the whole class. Especially those darn ab exercises!! It's been two years since I've done any sort of exercise class. And in between that time and now, there was the matter of the c-section with Nicholas. Lack of exercising plus that section left my stomach muscles pretty darn weak. I can only keep up for about half of the ab work. The rest of the time I'm huffing and puffing on the floor. But that's better than a few weeks ago when I first started and couldn't even do one sit up! I'm making some progress I guess!

Along the same lines, I haven't been doing the best with my healthy eating kick. Keeping healthy food on hand is a challenge! It would be much easier if I had access to a stocked salad bar constantly! But I have been doing well with drinking water and I have stopped eating after 7:30. The good news is I am down about 4-5 pounds. Nothing really noticeable yet. But it's only a matter of time. I hope.

Nothing else too exciting to report... which is why I've been missing in action again.